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Swans Fly at Kirby Bentley Cup

Friday, June 12, 2015 - 1:20 AM

There was no sign of second-year blues at the 2015 Kirby Bentley Cup with Lightning Park in Noranda setting the stage for the participation of more than 200 Indigenous girls in an electrifying nine-per-side competition. The Kirby Bentley Cup, which was badged after the Melbourne Demons FC and Swan Districts FC player, is geared towards Indigenous girls aged between 13 and 17.

The Kirby Bentley Cup bares similarities to the Nicky Winmar Carnival, which pitted the Swans District against a suite of sides from across Western Australia and acts as a key scouting vehicle for the National KickStart Carnival. The Swans District started its Kirby Bentley Cup preparations in February with monumental success having nominated three sides, which surpassed the team nominations of any other district.

The girls are sourced from Swan Districts FC Youth Girls coupled with a sprinkling of secondary school girls who have barely played AFL beyond kick-to-kick in the backyard. The differing levels of experience has permitted the more senior girls to assume leadership roles within the Swans District sides and provide the younger girls with somebody to look up to. The Swans District showed plenty of spunk at the Kirby Bentley Cup with Swans Black making a dramatic comeback following its shock defeat in Round 1 to secure a place in the Semi-Finals.

It was exciting to see so much female and Indigenous football talent on display. Special thanks must go to the Swans District coaching staff including Anika Gillespie, Courtney Ugle and Kathleen Prosser coupled with Swans District officials who ensured a positive experience for Kirby Bentley Cup participants. Congratulations to all Swans District players who made it a magic night for Swans District staff and volunteers alike.