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Ducklings Splash Into Auskick

Monday, August 31, 2015 - 4:05 PM

The Auskick Gala Day was held on Sunday the 6th of June at Jubilee Reserve in Bassendean. There were over 14 clubs in attendance with 41 teams over the pre-primary and year 1 age groups. The day started out with all the Auskickers taking part in a club parade, where they smiled and waved at all their parents and supporters.

After the parade all of the players split into their teams and started the fun day ahead. Teams moved around to different skill stations as well as playing gird games against other teams and clubs. Many of the skill stations were run by Swan District Football Club players, the skill stations included long kicking and handballing targets.

The grid games were also umpired by SDFC players with them able to give handy hints to the players and coaches as the day went on. This year we also had Thornlie All Girls Auskick and Coolbinia All Girls Auskick come and play against the High Wycombe Girls, it is a positive step having other clubs from the metro conference come and join in on club days.

For girl’s teams we see creating cross-district relationships as a positive towards making a better junior girls competitions. It was great to see so many young kids enjoying football and having fun playing with their friends, while learning new skills and an awesome effort by clubs and Auskick coordinators to bring down their players as these kids are the future of community football.