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Fledgling Swans Rise

Thursday, September 3, 2015 - 6:11 PM by Daniel CURTIS

The Swans District Football Development Council (SDFDC), recently held it's Swans District Year 8/9 Fairest & Best Awards night, aimed at highlighting the fantastic achievements of its newest generation of Youth footballers in the District.

With over 100 players, parents and officials in attendance, Swans District Competition Director, Trevor Gosatti, whisked through the vote counts with consumate ease as the stars of tomorrow were read out in the Main Function Room at Swan Districts Football Club.

As the Year 10-12s played in the Central Conference Competition this year, (Swans, East Perth & Perth Districts), the Year 8/9 Count facilitated a number of SDFDC Life Members to be attend and present awards on the night, including Ian Foss, Steve Symcox and Gary Lovelock. Swans District would also like to recognise the support of Slater Gartrell Sports with Mike Wilkie in attendance.

A number of players showcased their prodigious talent by consistently polling votes throughout the count but it was clear that their would be two clear favourites as the count, with Mazenod's Dylan Brockbernd and Caversham's Riley Garcia pulling away to be deserving winners. The Year 8/9 Count also made mention of our top Swans District polling players in the Central Conference Competitions as well the Leading Goal Kickers throughout all the divisions.

Swans District would like this opportunity to thank all its tremendous volunteers that continue to pour their time and energy into ensuring our Junior Competitions are run at the highest level possible.

Please refer to below for final award winners,

Swans District JCC

Year 8s

Winner: Dylan Brockbernd, Mazenod JFC, 35 votes

Runner Up: Benjamin Blisset, Upper Swan JFC, 29 votes

Leading Goal Kicker: Giacomo Paduano, Mazenod JFC, 49 goals

Year 9s
Winner: Riley Garcia, Caversham JFC, 26 votes

Runners Up: Thomas Moore, Upper Swan JFC, 19 votes

Leading Goal Kicker: Nathan Sutton, Hills Rangers JFC, 40 goals

Swans District Top Polling Players

10s Barry Cable - Tyler Bennett, Upper Swan JFC

LGK: Adrian Gosatti, Upper Swan JFC, 61 goals

10s Ryan Davis - Edwin Milera, Swan View JFC

LGK: Edwin Milera, Swan View JFC, 44 goals

11s Steven Payne - Kane Swithenbank, Mazenod JFC

LKG: Trent Simpson, High Wycombe JFC, 41 goals

12s Dene White - Giles Dent, Mazenod JFC & Kieran Lesk, Bassendean JFC

LKG: Kieran Lesk & Trent Saines, Bassendean JFC, 41 goals